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Gate Services

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Gates Services

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Automatic Gate System

Gate Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

1. Open your Gate with just the tip of your finger, Technology gets more advanced all the time.


2. If you have a newer Automatic Gate model that’s equipped with backup batteries, then in the event of a power outage, your Electric Gate will still work fine.


3. Raises your home value An Automatic Gate that is fixed, replaced or added to your home can add anywhere from 1%-4% value to your home. Real estate agents conducted a nationwide study to discover this.


4. 68 percent of homeowners use their Automatic Gates as their main entryway, not their front door. This is because of the convenience of parking your vehicle inside and just walking in.


5. Let your Electric Gate match you Have your Automatic Gate match your personality. There are styles for old school, modern and even a futuristic look. Why look like the rest when you can look like you?


6. Achieve a more unique look to your home Your automatic Gate can help you really stand out with any style, like overhead Automatic Gates, carriage house Electric Gates, and more. There are hundreds of styles and designs for Automatic Gates, even more colors! It is a great way to stand out among the neighbors!


7. Strong Winds are no match. After a strong storm, some homes are reduced to rubble. You can help prevent this for your home by following advice of wind experts and getting a new Automatic Gate that is wind-resistant. Now, wind experts are making a recognition that automatic Gates can help prevent this. Having a code approved, wind-resistant Automatic Gate can help in keeping your home protected during a storm.


8. Save on energy Electric Gates will save you money, if you get an insulated Automatic Gate. The federal government agrees with this, and has even offered a tax credit to those that get qualifying insulated Automatic Gates. That’s a great deal!


9. Automatic Gates can let you know they are open We all know that it is dangerous not to close your Electric Gate. It’s like leaving a sign saying “Rob Me”. Now Automatic Gates can let you know if you left them open with new in-house monitors.

10. Motorized Gates Should be installed by professionals This is not the job for you to go at alone. Installation of an Automatic Gate is dangerous and should be left to the professionals, like Mega Garage Door. No matter if you need automatic Gate repairs, new Electric Gate features, or any other Automatic Gate service!

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