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Fences Repair & Installation

Metal Fences

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

One of the quickest ways to make sure that your yard is more secure than before is to install a fence around it. However, when you go to do this, you will find that you have many different choices to make. Whether you are unhappy with the performance of your aluminum fencing, or if you are looking for something different, spring is the perfect time to make a change. Here’s a closer look at three different types of metal fences we provided. We provide high quality fence repair, fence installation, and fence replacement services.

Metal Fence
Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

One of the most critical advantages of aluminum fences is that they are surprisingly light. This makes them much easier to pick up and move; construction and installation are also much easier. Considering how quickly you can put them in place, you would think that this makes them flimsy or weak. However, that is not the case. They are incredibly long-lasting and can do whatever you need them to do. Compared to steel, these metal fences are more affordable. There is something to say for saving money, especially when you need more material for your money. Plus, you can place these fences around your pool or waterfront home, since the aluminum resists the effects of rust and corrosion.

Dura Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

One of the more popular fence styling in the South Florida, our Dura Fence installation offers property owners with a heightened sense of privacy and security. With all framing made from galvanized steel, this option also provides for a longer life-spam with minimal maintenance over time.

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Mechanisem Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

Mechanisem fences are by far much stronger than aluminum fences are, and indeed, even iron fences. That’s because steel is an alloy, which makes it stronger than a regular metal used in fabricating metal fences. They can also absorb and resist damage from impacts, which makes a difference when the fence is hit by a car or other moving vehicle. Mechanisem fences handle slopes better than their counterparts and also help improve safety and security around the perimeter of your premises. They are heavier and more expensive than aluminum fences, but depending on what you need them for, the additional cost could be well worth it, especially when you consider your return on investment. Gates made of steel can also increase the amount of protection that your property has.

Vinyl (PVC) Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

If you’re thinking about installing a fence, you’ll need to decide on the type of fence. Whether you want to add a decorative landscape accent, define the perimeter of your property or provide a safe enclosure for your family and pets. Mega Garage Door offers many types of PVC fences designed.


We provide the following types of vinyl fence:


Privacy Fence

Delivers the ultimate in complete privacy, with no gaps between the pickets. The Bufftech privacy line features our exclusive CertaGrain® authentic woodgrain texture and CertaStucco™ innovative stucco texture — plus an expansive color offering including unique, darker shades and semi-transparent stain blends that further enhance the look of real wood.


Semi-Private Fence

Provides the perfect balance of privacy and airflow. This type of fence features slight spacing between the pickets to allow light and air to enter, while still offering just the right amount of privacy.

Picket Fence

Picket Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

A classic fence style that features a timeless look. These versatile fences work well in a variety of different landscapes and offer an appealing decorative boundary. Our picket styles are available in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Post & Rail Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

A type of fence that’s typically used as an animal enclosure. Bufftech’s 3-rail and 4-rail styles are specially designed for containment of horses and other livestock, while the 2-rail and Crossbuck styles are suitable for decorative applications.

Post and rail fence
Wood Fence

Wood Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

Wood has always been a popular choice for fence installation due to the many options available in styles, paints, stains and colors, as well as providing a traditional look at a reasonable price. It does require regular maintenance, such as staining and repair, but you will find the initial installation to be much less expensive than other options.

At Mega Garage Door & Gate, we install a variety of wood fences for residential and commercial clients in the South Florida area. Some of the most popular types of wood include pressure-treated pine, redwood, cedar and white oak. Our team works closely with you to find the best and most affordable fencing solution for your home, property, business and family. Contact us today to learn more about our fence installation services in South Florida.

Using the highest quality white wood or Western Red Cedar fence materials. Choose from Decorative Cap, Dog Ear, Horizontal, Gothic Point, and Board on Board Wood Privacy.

Here are types of our fence styles available from Arrow Fence in the South Florida area. We provide the highest quality products and lowest pricing possible. This section will help give you some ideas about some types of fences available.
We are your fence builder in South Florida!

Pool Fence

Fence Repair | South FL | Mega Garage Doors & Gates

Styles have been engineered to meet most local building codes for use around swimming pools. Generally, pool fencing must be at least 4 feet high, with picket spacing less than 4 inches apart. Be sure to check with your local building department for code requirements in your area.

Black pool fence

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